• The UnionFeature film (82 min)
  • Walter & Tandoori104 x 12 min
  • CircleFeature film (81 min)
  • Ludovic26 x 12 min
  • Sunshine TaxShort movie (8:20 min)
  • Bookaboo26 x 12 min
  • Walter's ChristmasFeature film (87 min)
  • Le chant des Cygnes Un portrait de Louis St-Cyr, sculpteur (7:38 min)
  • Xcalibur18 x 23 min
  • Yaya & Zouk78 x 5 min
  • Walter 100%13 x 23 min
  • Fly Tales65 x 5 min
  • Station X13 x 23 min
  • Dragon78 x 12 min
  • Doggy Day School26 x 12 min

Sound Services For Films, Games ,TV series & VR

Do you want great sound for your film, TV series or Virtual Reality content? Are you ready to take your piece of art to the next level?

Netpostproduction is your one stop audio post production studio for film, tv series and games in Montreal or anywhere. We offer a complete range of audio services, convenient long distance approval and remote ADR recording with Source-connect Pro.

We have a team of dedicated experienced audio professionals and state of the art audio post production recording studios to accommodate all your needs.

If you live in a different city or country and have a fast internet connection, you can approve your production from the comfort of your own office thru secure 2048-bit encrypted streams.

Animation studios, film & video production companies and app creators, will all benefit from outsourcing their sound design and foley needs to our well-established post production recording studios located downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Whether you are producing a TV serie, VR content, a film or planning a voice recording session, call us now for more information at : (514) 990-8141



Call us now 514-990-8141

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Turnkey Audio Services for Films, Animation, Television & Games



We have three main recording studios equipped with the latest Pro Tools HDX and Euphonix System 5 MC mixing control surfaces.

Sound Design


Each editorial room has access to huge SFX libraries but we also create custom sound design to enhance your project.

Foley Recording


Our foley studio is built on a solid concrete foundation. We also have a vast array of props and floor surfaces for the most demanding projects.

Voice Recording / ADR / Dubbing


Whether you need to record broadcast quality voice over, ADR or cartoon caracters, we use the best microphones and mic preamps in the industry (digital rythmo band available).

Audio Restoration


Net Post Production provides audio restoration services to solve a wide range of audio problems such as broadband noises, buzz, hum, hiss and more...

Music Scoring


We can also provide you with original music scoring services . Still have questions, Call us now 514-990-8141.


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