Immersive sound for VR

Immersive VR experience can only be achieved with great 3D audio. Unfortunately most of the VR audio content today is released in stereo or delivered with average sound quality. Many VR sound mixes do not provide the head tracking feature supported on many platforms and devices. With no sense of proximity and distance, no depth and the lack of detail, 'average sound' breaks the immersive experience.

While Virtual Reality is quite recent, you don't have to rely on an inexperienced Sound Designer to create your 3D audio. We have been sound designing for Film & TV series for the last 25 years. We can deliver a complete immersive sound experience for many VR platforms such as:


  • Youtube 360 videos
  • Chrome desktop
  • Facebook 360 on Android
  • Facebook 360 on IOS
  • Occulus Videos
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Ambisonics format for Unity
  • Others...


And the list is growing everyday.

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